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I carry the same philosophy in my own life and in raising of my daughter as I do with my dogs: Stress-free environment, good nutrition (ice cream in moderation is always a good thing!), lots of exercise and play, education, structure and guidance.

My Philosophy


My dogs live in my home with my husband, daughter and myself on 21 acres in Virginia. I own and manage, Blue Ribbon Acres, a full service boarding spa for dogs, which is located next to my home. My dogs are well socialized and are active in many venues, including conformation, obedience, draft, agility, and tracking yet they are pets first and foremost.


My puppies are carefully bred and socialized in my home and stay with me until 9 -10 weeks of age. I have found that keeping the pups a couple of weeks longer makes for an easier transition into their new homes.


I am careful about their diet and vaccinations throughout their life. I use a holistic approach to problem solving, invoking homeopathic remedies with a small amount of conventional medicine when necessary.


I place my puppies with families who make them a part of their family. It is important for my puppy people to follow my recommendations on diets, vaccinations and health issues. I am always available for my puppy owners to help and mentor them along the way.

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